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Bishop Pointe Rental homes and Neighborhood Information

Bishop Pointe is an inviting community that's located in one of the fastest-growing cities: Knightdale, North Carolina. Despite this fact, the area has held onto the same small-town feel that this part of the state is known for. Renting a house in Bishop Pointe puts you close to fine dining and fitness.

REX Wellness Center offers residents the opportunity to get in shape in a social environment. They offer a calendar of exercise classes for those in the area, as well as a number of events that help those interested in getting to know other people who want to live a physically fit lifestyle. REX also offers clubs to keep people engaged with other members of the community.

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Area Highlights

A few local groups have a tendency to meet up for breakfast at N.Y. Diner in Knightdale as well, which serves up traditional Manhattan cuisine. Opportunities to get that kind of food are relatively rare in the area, which is why the establishment has become so much of a local landmark.
The Oak City Brewing Company is a traditional microbrewery, which hosts tasting events. It also operates a full-scale bar and is located in nearby Knightdale proper. The proximity to this venue has made it an attractive destination for those seeking to experience the upbeat nightlife that this part of North Carolina is known for.